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1000 pieces of educational toys for holiday villa series!

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Halloween Villa:

Halloween puzzles are great for establishing expectations for this popular holiday. This is the super weird puzzle that ghouls have been waiting for. A happy family is trying to scare neighbors and troublemakers. Artist Steve Crisp added many spiders and cobwebs, jack lanterns, bats, witches and costume creatures, making everyone stunned by "Halloween".

In this illustration, the details are incredible, and it makes sense to solve this puzzle. Contains pieces of whimsical shapes, making the puzzle more challenging.

Christmas Villa:

Santa Claus and the reindeer have landed safely on the snowy roof, and the jolly man heads to one of the three chimneys. Directly below, a child is "tightly attached to the bed", while family stockings are hung on a nearby mantelpiece. Next door is the nursery, and further is the master bedroom, from which Dad takes out the present hidden under the bed.

The second floor of the house is a venue for events-mothers put the finishing touches on the Christmas dinner, while grandparents put gorgeous trees, festive garlands and open fires in the fireplace in the living room. One of our best Christmas puzzles ever! I wish you a Merry Christmas!

Summer Carnival Villa:
This is the companion to our popular Christmas puzzle. In the beautiful English summer, you can admire the same charming Tudor-style houses. Father, dad and children work and play in the garden with family pets. Ke and her granddaughter are chatting in the kitchen, while Princess Sissi is playing in her room under the beautiful thatched roof upstairs, and her mother takes care of the baby. The roses and hollyhocks are in full bloom, and the birds are swarming, really a happy family

The benefits of puzzles
Motor memory: Jigsaw puzzles enhance cognitive function. Current neurologists claim that the problem stimulates neuroplasticity and even slows progressive memory loss.

Deepen the connection: As the layout progresses and interlocks, the dialogue proceeds naturally. As we have been saying: love can solve any problem.
Relieve stress: You can calm down from chaos and relieve anxiety in just 20 minutes. This is the perfect digital detox product for you and your loved ones.

Tip: After completing the puzzle, you can put it at home to make home decoration or give it to family and friends.

500/1000 piece puzzle
The finished size is 70 x 50 cm/27.56 x 19.69 inches
Include bonus posters to help resolve
Made of high-quality materials, non-toxic, recommended for children over 5 years old

Quick and effective jigsaw puzzle:
First, you should have enough space, a table or a flat floor. Pour out all the fragments, face up, and sort out the border when you flip the border (when you initially feel the position during the flip), then start the fragment processing according to the following steps and start the puzzle mode. When you feel a bottleneck, build a framework and sprint. A typical 1,000-piece puzzle requires four to eight hours (with 1000 pieces as the basic puzzle). When you complete the entire puzzle, you will feel a sense of accomplishment, right? Tip: After completing the puzzle, you can decorate it for home decoration or give it to family and friends. There are many modes to choose from.

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