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29-in-1 multi-purpose wearable stainless steel bracelet

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Fashionable and practical stainless steel wearable tool bracelets can be seen everywhere, providing multi-function tools

The stainless steel bracelet integrates multifunctional tools in its stainless steel links. Covers all the basic knowledge: including Phillips and flat head screwdrivers, hexagonal wrenches and socket wrenches.

There are even hard alloy emergency glass breaking tools, SIM card removal tools and cutting hooks to help you open stubborn packages.

When you need to use one of these tools, you can slide it off your wrist and fold the strap back to reveal what you need. Not only can you pop up some tools to get the right figure, but you can also recycle different tools as needed.

Tread differs from a typical keychain or compact wallet "multi-function tool" in its sturdiness and durability. We tried many different keychains and wallet multi-function tools, but their durability and usability were insufficient. Usually, I use very low-quality steel, but in fact, I dropped the car key on the ground and it was a bit broken-this impact broke the "tool", but it didn't hurt my key.

The stainless steel strap itself is made of 17-4 hardened stainless steel, so it is corrosion-resistant and quite rigid.

Compared with the typical miniature multi-function tool, the other big advantage of this pedal is that you can use it to obtain proper leverage. The main disadvantage of the keychain model is that there is not enough body for your hands to get a good grip.

With the help of the tread, each chain link is fixed in place by strong screws with almost no bending. It may look like a typical watch bracelet, but it is much stronger.

Another function of Tread may be its main function: jewelry. Of course, the tread pattern is powerful, durable and surprisingly strong. But what it does is mainly about the wearer and his perception of life preparation.

If you need to tighten screws, cut something, or borrow a flashlight to find a key that has fallen in the server room, just look for a colleague wearing Tread, because he or she will be ready for anything. This is actually the best feature of Tread, except that it can actually be used as a multifunctional tool.

3/32 inch screwdriver
1/8" screwdriver
Cemented carbide breaker
Cut hook
Delivery card
6mm hex driver
10mm socket wrench
5mm hex driver
4mm hex driver
8mm socket wrench
3mm hex driver
#1-2 Phillips
7mm socket wrench
3/16" screwdriver
#3 Square Drive
9mm socket wrench
#1 Square Drive
Pozi-Driv #2
11mm socket wrench
Pozi-Driv #3
#25 Torx Drive
12mm socket wrench
#20 Torx Drive
#30 Torx diving
6mm socket wrench
#27 Torx Drive
1/4" socket drive adapter
#2 Square Drive

Product Details:

Product Type: Wearable
Bandwidth: 1.2 inches | 3.05 cm
Circumference: 8.56 inches | 21.74 cm, you can add or
Remove the link to adjust the size.
Weight: 5.9 ounces | 168 grams
Material: 17-4 stainless steel

Package Included:

1 x 29 in 1 multifunctional wearable stainless steel bracelet
Original gift box
User manual

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