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The artistic game is born! "Big Rainbow"

The semicircular building blocks as beautiful as a rainbow can stimulate children's creativity and sensitivity, and play an active role in various activities!

I observe up close that a toy can play many things, and I am always surprised by the child's freedom of thinking and ability to play.

"Big Rainbow" has a very beautiful overlap of many colors. Recommended as gifts or stylish toys for interior decoration.

The artistic sense of the game!

All you have to do is to stack semicircular blocks of different sizes, such as red, blue, yellow and green, and it will look like a beautiful piece of art! At first glance, these obstacles seem to be randomly stacked by children, but there are many feelings that adults cannot imitate.

A game where children can be creative

"Big Rainbow" can be used not only in stacks, but also as a tunnel, or combined into a circle, which can be used as a house, zoo or bathroom. It’s a good idea for parents to form a circle and start playing, such as "Who is your home?"
Children are creative and flexible. You can design it yourself and spread it to interesting games!

Play sports that attract children

Unlike ordinary square blocks, the semicircular shape allows you to create rocking motion. The children are full of energy. It can be seen that even children who are not good at it are attracted by this sport and are swaying and playing. Adding such a sports toy is very effective, because it can increase static and dynamic changes in the process of playing with the toy!

Product information "Big Rainbow"

The Big Rainbow is a very versatile toy: a child's stack, construction and sorting. When the child grows up, you can use the arch to weigh the doll, build fences, tunnels, bridges, houses and sculptures, and...the big rainbow is always imaginatively integrated into the game, look at your child What was invented with it!
Wood: colored wood.

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