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80 Pcs Domino Train Blocks Rally Electric Toy Set

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Domino train


Domino Train Blocks - Super fun for your kids to play! Push one and watch the chain effect of the dominoes tumbling over. See whose domino row runs down to the end fastest. Kids can assemble it into different kinds of models according their imagination as well, Our Domino Train Blocks Set can develop children's athletic ability, color cognitive ability, teamwork ability. Colorful and beautiful appearance can stimulate their brain and thought development.

You can let two or more children compete whose dominoes roll to the back the fastest. Children can also stack dominoes into different shapes according to their own imagination to stimulate their imagination. It can also be used as birthday gifts for boys and girls, Christmas gifts and other holiday gifts. It is a very good gift toy set.


The building block set can cultivate children's athletic ability, color recognition ability and teamwork ability. The colorful appearance can stimulate their brain and thought development.


Our domino train is made of high-quality plastic, non-toxic, without any pungent smell, the edges of the dominoes and train are smooth, without sharp parts, allowing children to play with peace of mind without hurting their hands.


Parent-child interaction plays a very important roles in parent-child relationships. Playing Domino Blocks Train can promote the relationship between parents and children during the playing.


Material: high-quality plastic


Train: 6.3 x 4.3 inches

domino sleeve: 1.38 x 7.09 inches

domino: 0.71 x 1.38 inches

cactus: 2.17 x 2.56 inches

Package Includes: 80 x dominoes, 1 x train engine, 1 x domino sleeve, 1 x cactus accessory, 1 x screwdriver