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Jigsaw puzzle is one of the magical games that will never go out of style. Enjoy leisure time with family and friends.
Because it can relax the participants, the puzzle is also regarded as a classic casual game.

/Sakura River/

/Space Traveller Puzzle/

/Aegean Jigsaw/

/Beautiful City/

/Forest elk/


  • High quality 500/1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
  • Made from thick, durable board that is 100% recycled
  • Puzzle size is 70 x 50 cm/27.56 x 19.69 inches when complete.
    • Entertainment. In case you are looking to supercharge your brain with some good mental games then here is a great game to help you do it. Be made of high quality material, non-toxic. Recommend for children age of 8 and up
    • Put together jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles quiet the mind and induce a state of creative meditation. They tap into our creativity and rewire our brains to make "connections" The most valuable parent-child game.

      • Intellectual game for adults and kids. Good choice for Birthday and Christmas gifts
      • Missing support: If you find yourself missing a piece in the puzzle, please contact us and I will reissue the missing block.When you finish the whole puzzle, you will have a sense of achievement, right?Easy fit puzzle pieces. Made from recycled board.
      Quick and effective jigsaw puzzle:

      First, you should have enough space, a table or a flat floor.
      Pour out all the pieces, face up, and sort out the borders as you turn them over (when you have a preliminary impression of where you are in the process of turning them over)
      Then begin to take pieces and begin the puzzle according to the pattern.
      When you feel the bottleneck, build the frame and sprint. A typical 1,000 piece puzzle takes four to eight hours
      (1000 pieces as the basic pieces of the puzzle)
      When you finish the whole puzzle, you will have a sense of achievement, right?
      Tip: After completing the puzzle, you can frame it for home decoration or give it to family and friends. There are many patterns to choose from.