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Christmas gnome lamps

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Have you ever wanted to decorate your home with fun Christmas lights?
Our Gnome Christmas Lamps are the perfect way to add atmosphere to your garden or home! Do you want to decorate your garden with suggestive Christmas lights? So this is the solution, a ready-to-use package!


  • Gnome illuminated with a lighted body will light up your interiors this winter and warm your heart! It is very easy and safe to decorate. 3 "AAA" batteries are required to light up the gnomes (not included in the package)
  • There are 3 positions of this gnomic light. Set the switch to "ON" to keep the light on, or choose "OFF" to turn off the gnomes. The "TIMER" switch will keep the gnomes on for 6 hours and automatically turn off the light.
  • Each gnome is handmade, sewn with care and love. There are safety screws on the battery compartments which make them more sturdy and safer to use. 2 styles to meet your gift exchange and home decoration needs.
  • Gnome, also known as Tomte or Nisse. It is part of Scandinavian mythology. According to Scandinavian folklore, they usually hide from people and use magic. They have a reputation for protecting the farmer and his family from mishaps, especially at night. The physical appearance of a tomté is considered to be extremely short and old with a long beard.
  • 41 cm high from bottom to top and 20 cm wide. The gnomes are made of natural faux fur and knitted. Their nose is made of wool felt. Top hats come with threads and you can put them on however you like. The plastic feet are weighted so they can stand up on their own.