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Christmas Special-DIY tie dye kit

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97% of the customers recommend a 12-color suit

It's time for a change of season. Are you still looking for new clothes for the change。Buy new clothes, but they won't be unique。Maybe you'll wear last year's clothes to make the transition,But that's not necessary。Why not make a unique garment by hand?

What's more appealing than DIY?

When you get these tie-dye, you'll have a global limited edition hoodie, T-shirt, baseball uniform...Each of them will be unrepeatable, even for you


Permanent coatings: Coatings are permanent and do not fade, so they do not fade in the washing process.
Suitable for use with cotton, rayon, high absorbent fabrics for best results.

Easy to use - Easy to do DIY and create dramatic designs for shirts and fabrics.
Instead of soaking in soda, just add water, shake and squeeze the bottle.
The color label and color name make it easy to find the desired color.
Perfect for beginners.

Tie-dye DIY kits - Each kit comes with a complete color guide that includes instructions for regular dyes.
Each kit includes instructions, gloves and rubber bands.
We recommend using natural fabrics, such as cotton, wool and rayon, as they show our colours best.

High quality: Using high quality dyes, it is actually non-toxic, tasteless, long-lasting and visually appealing.
Ideal for programs and family entertainment, suitable for children and students.

Tip: 1. Please do not immerse the dye items in water for a long time.
This will cause the colors to mix or discolor.
Tip: 2. Don't overuse each color.
Please pay attention to the condition of clothes or fabrics during the tightening process of tie-dye. Do not drop them.


5 color set includes: 5 bottles of X tie-dye (1 bottle for each color)
Color: purple, red, green, blue, yellow
The weight of 100 g

Set of 6 colors includes: 6 bottles of tie dye.
Product specification: 50ml
Color: orange, red,Light blue.,Dark blue,Yellow,Green.
Weight: 120 g

Set of 8 colors includes: 8 bottles of tie dye.
Product specification: 50ml
Color: orange, red,Dark blue,Yellow,Green,Purple,Brown, Black.
Weight: 160 g

Set of 10 colors includes: 10 bottles of tie dye.
Product specification: 50ml
Color: orange, red,Dark blue,Yellow,Green,Purple, Brown, Black,Sour orange,Navy blue
Weight: 200 g

Set of 12 colors includes: 12 bottles of tie dye.
Product specification: 50ml
Color: red, orange, yellow, dark fuchsia, sour orange, green, navy blue, navy blue, violet blue, fuchsia, brown, black
Weight: 240 g

Gifts: Rubber bands, disposable gloves

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