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Santa and Pets series 1000 pieces puzzle

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Each puzzle toy is made in the United States from recycled puzzle boards.
Modern new 1000-piece puzzle puzzle for children and adults

    "Comfortable Christmas" is a 1000-piece puzzle filled with the most comfortable things! With a sound fireplace and a holiday decoration living room full of puppies, while snowflakes lightly fall outside, you will feel at home in this holiday area full of puppies!

    🎅🎄 Everything you might want for Christmas

    The bright and cheerful Christmas morning surprised people. These 1,000 socks are stockings hanging in the whole family, and a dog looks at his new playmate.

    Santa’s stockings hung by the fireplace and he watched him eagerly, so he took a moment to check the list before the next stop. Don't worry, there are many gifts in his bag!

    I wish you a Merry Christmas! After a busy day in the workshop, Santa greeted him curiously. When other people were playing nearby, he would gently smooth his sweet tabby coat. For good boys and little girls, Santa Claus whispers how often they will meet new playmates

    After Santa Claus spent a long day in the workshop, he shared his happiness with the little boy. The boy smiled happily


    The benefits of puzzles

    Motor memory: Jigsaw puzzles enhance cognitive function. Current neurologists claim that the problem stimulates neuroplasticity and even slows progressive memory loss.

    Deepen the connection: As the layout progresses and interlocks, the conversation flows naturally.It's like we say all the time: Love can solve problems.

    Stress relief: Anxiety can be alleviated in as little as 20 minutes by calming down from confusion.This is the perfect digital detox product for you and your loved ones.




    • 500/1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
    • Finished size is 70 x 50 cm/27.56 x 19.69 inches
    • Includes bonus poster for help in solving
    • Manufactured from premium quality materials
    • Made in the United States

    Quick and effective jigsaw puzzle:

    First, you should have enough space, a table or a flat floor.
    Pour out all the pieces, face up, and sort out the borders as you turn them over (when you have a preliminary impression of where you are in the process of turning them over)
    Then begin to take pieces and begin the puzzle according to the pattern.
    When you feel the bottleneck, build the frame and sprint. A typical 1,000 piece puzzle takes four to eight hours
    (1000 pieces as the basic pieces of the puzzle)
    When you finish the whole puzzle, you will have a sense of achievement, right?Tip: After completing the puzzle, you can frame it for home decoration or give it to family and friends. There are many patterns to choose from.

    Lack of support: If you find a piece of the puzzle is missing, please contact us and I will resend the missing piece. When you complete the entire puzzle, you will feel a sense of accomplishment, right? It is easy to install the puzzle. Made of recycled boards.

    100% money back guarantee
    We insist on our high-quality products and guarantee your satisfaction. If you need any help, just contact our friendly email support